Duterte: To Run or Not To Run


The election fever has begun as presidential candidates have started filing their candidacy and people expressing their opinions about them. While I have long lost interest in politics, just so I could keep myself from passing a negative judgement, it has started to creep in recently when the clamor for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo to Duterte brewed to the point of holding the “Million People March” at the Luneta Grandstand for the purpose of convincing him to run for Presidency. All this despite his reluctance to run and countless statements declining the offer with one official press conference held at the Grand Menseng Hotel on Sep 7, 2015 saying the same thing and reiterating his family’s opposition to the idea. 

When I watched the video about the “Million People March” it made me rethink. Since I moved to Davao, I have been nothing short of grateful for the kindness of the people, the rich flora and fauna, white sand beaches, low cost of living and the security. I grew up in Manila, walked the streets of Tondo, Divisoria, and University belt and boy there sure is a stark difference. Initially, I wanted to keep the mayor to ourselves, thinking that the syndicates and organized crime organizations will just plot on the mayor when he wins the presidency; but when I thought about all those who are suffering from hunger, endless traffic and practically little to no quality of life as they continue in the rat race, I couldn’t help thinking, they do need a leader who cares and puts their welfare ahead of his. 

Hopefully, things turn around for the Filipino people; hopefully, the tides turn; hopefully, we have more options; hopefully we do not sell our votes to the temporary appeal of money and suffer a lifetime; hopefully, we think about our children, the world in which they will live in and hopefully have better opportunities as we place rightful leaders in our government. 

P.S. If you want to watch the “Million People March” video just click the link below

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