I’ve always been vocal about my thoughts and experiences on parenting, homeschooling, work, cooking and baking (and many other things). During my time, the only avenues other than friends are writing a book or keeping your journal. With the advent of technology,  the landscape has changed.

I have always wanted to create a blog site but never got to it until my curiosity led me to creating a website as easy as 1, 2 3.

And so finally! I am starting this blog. I chose to name it Values Parenting because I am a big fan of Linda and Richard Eyre, parenting gurus who authored the NY Times bestseller, “Teaching Children Values”. It is from them that I have learned invaluable homeschooling and parenting tips and tricks so my children will have a happy childhood.

This will be an avenue for sharing my ideas on parenting, work, home making, home schooling, and others. I’m hoping it will help others in their journey. 

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