Homeschooling Journey

Unlike  the common misconception, homeschooling does not just mean studying books and modules at home for the entire year, year after year. It isn’t like that at all especially in my family’s case. It is making learning available through different media. For the past school year ours involved a trip to the dairy farm twice, Davao’s Central 911, an organic farm, Pawikan Sanctuary, Eden Nature Park, the Mynd Museum, Twin Falls in Laguna, Service projects in and out of town, LDS temple trips, American history video (Founding Fathers), science experiments, scrabble, Mormon Mouthful, daily chores, cooking, baking, basketball, driving lessons, camtasia, iMovie, Photoshop, Microsoft word, excel, Dropbox, emailing, social media, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, zipline, beach, kayaking, banana boat rides, budgeting, commuting, vermi composting countless novels apart from the entire Harry Potter series, etc, etc, etc. 

Sounds so much fun and too good to be true right? But they all happened although not a walk in the park. I got help from friends, colleagues, homeschool groups, religious community, private and government sector etc. There were times I was exhausted and just wanted some space or “me” time. It is during the days of no sunshine but just rain that remembering why you homeschooled is important if not crucial. 

Our goal (although the extent is truly comprehensible only to me for now) is wholistic learning. Life skills training, imbedding a spiritual foundation, being compassionate, honing the mind, be socially responsible, being environment friendly, lessening carbon footprint, and many more. The question I often use to gauge our success is “if I die, will my kids still go to church, be morally and socially upright, have the skills necessary to go on with their lives not necessarily without difficulty but know the source and who to turn to for help?” In other words, will they “survive” in the REAL sense of the word. 

I wanted them educated about life and ALL its facets aware that for now, it happens insofar as my limited grasp of it is concerned. It is this awareness that keeps me athirst for more knowledge and experience. It always feels like there’s so much more to learn and apply. So like them, I’m also in a quest and always on the lookout. Keeps me on my toes. ​
t Doe

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